Working Privately with Jude

Poetry Critique

One-off project/critique

What You’ll Submit: Collections of poems from 20 pages to full manuscript of 80 pages.


  • Up to 20 pages of poetry: 3 weeks
  • Up to 40 pages of poetry: 5 weeks
  • Up to 60 pages of poetry: 6 weeks
  • Full manuscript (up to 80 pages of poetry): 8 weeks

Ongoing projects

What You’ll Submit: You and Jude will devise a project plan. Flexibility as to submission schedule and turnaround times depending on your project.

What You’ll Get

In-depth, handwritten feedback on each poem. Feedback will focus on specific craft issues (line, syntax, image, pacing, white space, enjambment, sound, etc.) and how these might be consciously worked to embody/enhance the poem’s subject, tone, and emotion. You will also receive recommendations for further reading—both individual poets and books on craft/technique. After you receive your feedback, Jude will schedule a one-hour phone conference to walk through her written comments. As well as feedback on individual poems, the full manuscript review will include suggestions on ordering/sequencing of poems and a two-hour, in-person meeting for poets in the Twin Cities metro, or two hours of telephone and email conversation for poets outside the Twin Cities.

Pricing for one-off project/critique:
Poetry critique $100 per hour.

Contact Jude to discuss working on a one-off project/critique.

Pricing for ongoing projects:
Contact Jude to discuss project plan and pricing.

Submission Coaching

Jude also offers 90-minute one-on-on-meetings for poets who would like guidance/suggestions on the submission process for poems and/or chapbooks. In order for Jude to get a sense of your style and so help you target publications/presses that might be good match for your work, you will need to send her up to 10 poems a week in advance of your meeting.

Pricing: $150

Contact Jude to discuss for submission coaching.